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I Want to Be Loved by You

three poems

10 minutes in, Karren gives her reading from the I Want to Be Loved by You anthology. Others as Grace Cavalieri, Susana Case, Margo Stever.

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Rivertown Poets Reading

eight poems

Karren gives a Valentine's reading.


52nd Radical Poetry Reading

five poems

Karren reads with EJ Antonio, Meg Kearney, JoAnne McFarland. Find her reading 3rd (28 minutes in).


Lit Balm

six poems

Karren reads with Linda Pastan, Jean Nordhaus, Rose Solari. Her theme is "girl talk."

Karren Book sm.jpg

Broadstone Books

eight poems

Karren reads with Don Thompson & John Repp, all authors of Broadstone Books.

Karren Alenier Reading How we Hold OnV2.

Poets vs The Pandemic

seven poems

Karren reads a selection of poems, most from how we hold on,  that speak to turbulence. Mervyn Taylor & Julie Marie Wade read as guest poets.


Stockbridge Library Reading

ten poems

Karren reads a selection of poems from how we hold on with mother figures in them.

Karren 4-15-21.jpg

Book Launch Reading

nine poems

Karren reads from the Jamaican poems in how we hold on. The reading was dedicated to Jim Rich, her late spouse.

Karren 4-7-21 v2.jpg

National Poetry Month 2021

one poem

Stockbridge Library for NPM: Karren reads “sunset from the cliffs” from how we hold on.



one poem

“you can tell ‘em I’ll be there” first published in Written in Arlington, edited by Katherine E. Young and is also in how we hold on.


Road Reading

from San Francisco

Karren Alenier reads “repeating repeating” in her collaborative program “Poetry in Red Dress.” This event celebrating Gertrude Stein took place January 15, 2013, at Books and Bookshelves.


Great Wall

Mao Zedong poem

In a voice over, Karren Alenier reads “Snow” by Mao Zedong as a slide show of photos by Bob Hohl rolls. Jim Rich produced this video.

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